On Trend: FYI, ‘90s Threads Are Totally Stylin’

-Rache’ll Brown

High-waisted shorts, denim-on-denim, revealing bustiers, and small floral print dresses—this spring, break out the grunge-inspired clothes because the ‘90s are back.

Although new trends arise every season, fashion is cyclical, and retro-styles make comebacks all the time. Some things should have died the first time around (Harem pants. Enough said.), but overall, I think the ‘90s were a great era for style. So, watch some Saved by the Bell, blast this playlist, and prepare to be taken back to the final, and disputably best, decade of the 20th century.

First off, decide which aspect of the rising trend to tackle. Retro looks are hit or miss. Bringing an old trend into current times is tricky because no one wants to look like they wandered out of a time machine. Hint: find pieces with ‘90s prints and current cuts, like a fitted small floral print top, and only wear one trend at a time.

Let’s start with denim: jean on top is huge. Chambray shirts (pictured above), and denim jackets and vests are easy ways to spice up a spring look. Pair a chambray top with black leggings, or a denim jacket with a girly dress to bring this fad to life. Denim-on-denim is no longer a faux pas! As long as both pieces are different shades, the embarrassment of a Canadian tuxedo can be avoided.

Another ’90s comeback look I’m loving is high-waisted anything. Shorts, skirts, jeans—it doesn’t matter. They are comfortable and stylish, which is ideal. A sheer, sleeveless, collared top in a pastel color tucked into high-waisted shorts can be paired with sandals for a girly and casual spring look. Another option is pairing high-waisted bottoms with a crop top, or bustier. This allows the trendy top to be appropriate for everyday wear, and it offers more body types a chance to utilize the style. But be careful! Bustiers can be really cute, but only when paired with something a little more conservative: channel Selena Gomez, not Keira Knightley. Trust me, less is more.

So embrace the ‘90s! Bring back the classics with a current twist by mindfully pairing old items with new. The great thing about fashion is that once something goes “out” it pretty much always comes back—but in a bigger and better way. I can’t wait to see what is next!

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