10 Gifts Under $10

-Rache’ll Brown

It’s that time of the year again – Thanksgiving is over, and the holidays are here! It’s time for peppermint-flavored everything, twinkling Christmas lights, and presents galore! However, getting gifts for all of your friends can be tough on your wallet, so here are 10 ideas for gifts $10 and under!

#10 A Gift Card
Sure, it’s the easy way out, but $10 to Starbucks or iTunes, along with a homemade card, is sure to put a smile on your friend’s face!

#9 OPI Nail Polish
For $8.50, get your best friend, sister, mom, girlfriend, whomever, some nail polish! A girl can never have enough, and OPI is the best. (Or, you can buy a set and split it amongst your friends!)

#8 Candles
Everyone loves candles, and they make the perfect gift. My favorite comes from Bath and Body Works – their small candles (4 oz.) are $10, and mini candles are $3.50.

#7 Something from Spencer’s
This really depends on the person’s humor. I found this to be particularly entertaining.

#6 Fuzzy Socks
Some people say socks make a lame gift. I say those people have never felt the comfort of some nice fuzzy socks.

#5 DVDs
Wal-mart has a $5 DVD bin full of hidden treasures.

#4 Perfume or Lotion
Like nail polish, ladies can’t have too many perfumes or lotions. Victoria’s Secret travel size lotions and perfumes are regularly $4 each, but there are holiday specials all of December.

#3 Mini Nerf Gun
Imagine the insanity that may ensue. Most stores sell them for about $9; so buy one for each of your friends for some old school fun.

#2 Oregon Shot Glass
You can’t have too many things with Oregon on it, and for the most part, at least you know your gift will be used. The Duck Store has a few varieties ranging from $5 to $10.

#1 Baked Goods
Nothing says love more than a little tasty something made from scratch.

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