Flux Photo Essay: Where To Study

Welcome to finals week! We at the The Pulse are good at many things, and studying is one of them. But you can’t get a good study session going without a good place to settle down. Below you’ll find our favorite places to study on and around campus. Good luck on your tests!



My favorite place to study is the Architecture & Allied Arts Library in Lawrence Hall. I like it because it is one of the quietest spots on campus, and hardly anybody knows about it. Lawrence has a great energy, and the students that hang around there are such hard workers.



When studying, I need to get out of the house, away from distractions like the TV or fridge. I like going to the Knight Library, but it can be chaotic at times with heavy foot traffic. I like to head to the fourth floor and find a desolate corner where I can settle in and focus on studying.



I love studying at Starbucks because there’s the perfect amount of background noise and people that it’s not uncomfortably lonely. It’s a great place to get term papers done and enjoy a pumpkin spice latte.



When it comes to finding places to do a bit of studying in-between classes, I like to find a good place to sit in Lillis. There are many options, but I especially love sitting right outside the cafe located on the first floor. There, I can grab a coffee, turn on my iPod, and focus on work for a bit while people walk through the building on their way to their next destination.


Espresso Roma is my favorite place to study near campus because it’s well lit and always full of other UO students studying. On a grey raining day, it’s a great cozy spot to get work done.


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