Decorating on a College Budget – Jewelry Board

-Sara Bianchetti

Let’s be honest.  As college students, we don’t have the luxuries (or the banks) to support lavish lifestyles—we can barely afford to buy groceries.  So, when we need to furnish an entire apartment or decorate bare walls, utilizing our creativity can be our greatest advocate.

When I moved into my apartment this year I had a vision but I didn’t have an unlimited budget to support it.  I needed to be innovative, resourceful and inspired, so I turned to Pinterest – a forum for social photo sharing of ideas, interests, and hobbies.  It was here that I officially became inspired to begin decorating my shabby chic room—on a budget, of course.

Fortunately for me, I started out with a solid basis of furniture from my sister’s old apartment: a bed, dresser, mirror, and vanity.  Anything that was in decent shape and could either be altered, painted, or reconstructed saved me both time and money.

One of my favorite pieces that I created and was Pinterest-inspired was my jewelry board.  It is simple to craft yet aesthetically pleasing and it fits in with the shabby-chic decor effortlessly.  Here’s a tutorial on how to make it:

First, start out with a corkboard of your preference. I recycled one that had a grayish blue border to coordinate with my room. Take out the corkboard and cover it with burlap using spray glue to attach it.

Burlap is popularly used today and gives the board a rustic feel while adding texture.

Once the board is completely covered, reattach the board to the frame and secure it with duct tape.  Most college students have duct tape.  It’s a basic necessity!

To display the jewelry, I went to a home improvement store and purchased an assortment of doorknobs and handles.  I placed them on the board, marked where I wanted them to go, drilled holes, and screwed them in.  Hang your jewelry and you’re ready to go. Simple. As. That.

To check out more ideas about decorating on a college budget, visit my blog.


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