The Social Media Election

-Jamie Hershman

Guess what yesterday was? Election Day. Shocker. But guess what yesterday also was? The day that I couldn’t bring myself to go on Facebook or any other social media website I have an account on.

Every time I scrolled through my news feed, I would see a new Facebook status expressing a political view that I frankly did not care about. Having sent in my ballot over a week ago (which I’m sure many of the people making statuses to vote did as well), I couldn’t really care less who people chose to vote for and what propositions they were supporting. I’m not being inconsiderate, because everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I just feel some opinions should be kept to yourself—or at least off of your timeline.

Most, if not all, students know that November 6 is Election Day, so looking at all the obnoxious “MAKE SURE YOU VOTE TODAY” statuses just made me overwhelmed with annoyance. It almost seemed that everyone posting these statuses, tweets, and Instagram photos showing that they had voted thought doing so would make them seem cool. It’s true that voting is a great thing and that every adult should do their duty as an American citizen by voting, but advertising it via social media just seems like you are trying too hard to prove to people that you are educated in politics. I don’t know if these obnoxious people actually know what’s going on in the election or not, but it almost looks desperate.

The worst cases, though, were those statuses that tried to sway your vote for their candidate choice. Using Facebook as an outlet is surely not going to make me take you seriously, and, in my opinion, makes you look like a fool.

I know that freedom of speech is included with all the social media sites, and I’m not advocating for people to stop voicing their opinions. What I’m trying to say is, nobody cares. No one cares if you are voting for Obama or Romney. While you may think everyone is on the edge of their seat waiting for you to update your status as to what time exactly you cast your ballot, I hate to inform you that it’s untrue. Be a good citizen and vote; just please, for the sake of everyone’s newsfeed, don’t put it on Facebook.

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