The Next Big Thing: Fashion Trucks

-Jamie Hershman

Food trucks are still a bit of a phenomenon. It has become trendy to try out the latest grilled cheese cart or the next taco stand that sell delicious, gourmet-like food for a quarter of the price. But, food trucks are soon going to be overturned by the next big thing in mobility: Fashion trucks. Fashion trucks have been around for just a few years but are quickly making a significant presence in the fashion world. Customers love the ease and excitement these carts bring with its unique products, as it can be monotonous for some to shop at the same stores over and over again. The shoppers that are attracted to these innovative fashion trucks are those who love the thrill of thrift store shopping and the pleasures of finding that unique item of clothing that is not being mass-produced.

Fashion trucks can be found in major cities throughout the U.S. like New York, San Francisco, Texas, Boston, Los Angeles, and, you guessed it, Portland. Many of the trucks specialize in different areas of clothing and accessories like Le Fashion Truck of Los Angeles that sells unique handmade jewelry designed by the truck’s co-owner. Here, shoppers can also find affordable vintage clothing as cheap as five dollars. In Austin, Texas, the fashion truck Bootleg sells one-of-a-kind footwear from around the world in a 30-foot Airstream Land Yacht. Green Street Vault in Boston is sells men’s apparel and accessories and is owned by a man. As the first men’s fashion truck, Green Street Vault takes over the Boston streets in its lime-green truck while selling skater-inspired street wear.

Lodekka of Portland is one of the more unique trucks. Founder Erin Sutherland bought a double-decker bus straight from Liverpool, England to transform into a mobile dress shop that opened October 2010. Besides dresses, Lodekka sells everything a girl would need to have a fashionable night out, ranging from accessories to shoes to even men’s clothing. The bus features a small dressing room, making it more appealing to shoppers than other fashion trucks. While the bus isn’t being driven from place to place, the bus stays in a parking lot off of North Williams Avenue so shoppers will always know where to find it. Even in the midst of the thrift-shop-heavy city of Portland, this bus stands out because of the pure personality of its structure and the hard to find pieces inside of it.

These trucks are the latest news of fashion, each one having something unique to offer that can’t necessarily be found in chain clothing stores. So, next time you’re going out to shop, look up the local fashion trucks in your area for a different shopping experience.

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