The Discipline of Dance

[caps]F[/caps]rom a young age, Geoffrey Bergold knew he was meant to move, but he didn’t realize until 2 years into college that he had a love for ballet. He abandoned traditional higher education, and found a disciplined home at Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet in Carisle, PA.

“For the first two months, I couldn’t walk,” recalls Bergold.

Transported from the east coast, Bergold now dances across the Pacific Northwest for the Eugene Ballet Company. Here, Bergold is surrounded by a devoted family of fellow dancers; “I don’t miss a day of work,” he says.



4 thoughts on “The Discipline of Dance

  1. Emylin Brown

    An inspiring story beautifully articulated through the video and the words of Geoffrey Bergold who lives and loves the demanding
    work of ballet dancing.

  2. Julie

    A wonderful film about a wonderful dancer. And when you see Geoffrey perform with the Eugene Ballet Company you will indeed see that he makes the ballet come alive, every moment.

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