Some of the Fall’s Newest and most Exciting TV Shows

-Laura Lundberg

I’m a huge fan of TV, and with many of my favorite shows at their season’s (or series) end, I find that the television has become a wasteland of reruns and filler shows. With only a few TV shows to look forward to this summer, I have found myself looking to the new fall line-up and I already cannot wait for September.

While I have never been able to find many of the trailers for new TV shows, this year I made it my job to scour the internet and find out which freshman TV shows I looked forward to – and which I hope would quickly crash and burn. So, in order to get you through until September, I’ve chosen five different TV shows that I’m excited for, and why you should be too.


Revolution, which will be airing on NBC Monday nights at 10 pm, is one of the top new TV shows that I’m dying to see. J.J Abrams’ newest sci-fi drama is environmentally conscious, intriguing, dramatic, Lost-esque, and full of adventure – and all of this I got from just a four minute trailer. In this show, Abrams posed the question of: “What would the world do and look like if we didn’t have electricity?” and it begins with a mysterious worldwide event that leads to all electrical devices shutting down – never to turn on again. The trailer then flash-forwards to fifteen years later, where the world as we know it has fallen, and a new post-apocalyptic world has risen. The trailer then lays out some of the main characters – a girl named Charlie and her brother, mother and father. Her father seems to know something about why the electricity vanished – but I’m sure it’s going to take many seasons to figure out what that secret is. Hopefully this TV show will last many seasons!

The New Normal

Another NBC show that will be airing on Tuesdays at 9:30 pm, this series follows the life of one woman who has put her dreams on hold in order to raise her daughter. A single mom who begins to feel like she’s drifting away from herself and the world, she vows to make her dream come true however she can. In order to earn money to make those dreams happen, she is enlisted by a gay couple who are looking to start a family, to be their surrogate. A comedy, this TV show looks to be heartwarming, creative, and lots of fun.

666 Park Avenue

A TV show that will be airing on ABC on Sundays at 10 pm, the trailer is filled mostly with mystery. It revolves around an apartment building on the Upper East Side of New York that is more than what it seems. Terry O’Quinn (Locke from “Lost”) plays one of the building’s owners that welcomes a new, young couple into the building to be the Resident Managers. However, he seems to also have a different job, one that is full of the weird and spooky. Still, the posh environment attracts this young couple and they believe the job is perfectly fine and are unaware of the paranormal activity that is centered around the building. Intriguing and mysterious, this trailer seems to mimic what it says about its TV show: “Don’t let the amenities fool you”


That’s right! CBS is jumping on the Sherlock Holmes bandwagon with its new series, Elementary. While the premiere date looks to be unknown at this moment, the behind the scenes trailer alludes to much of what the series will be about, and it’s sure to be different! This time, Sherlock Holmes is from New York, set in a modern-day era (much like BBC’s Sherlock), and the biggest twist is that there isn’t a Dr. John Watson. Now, there’s a Dr. Joan Watson. This seems to be the biggest twist that the creators of Elementary have decided to go with, and who to play a better female Watson than Lucy Liu. Thrilling and seeming to be full of twists and turns just like any other Sherlock Holmes adaptation, CBS hopes to succeed in making its mark on everything Sherlock Holmes.

The Goodwin Games

From the creators of How I Met Your Mother, the Goodwin Games seems to be fun for the whole family. A comedy that will be airing on Fox this fall, the TV show centers around a father who dies suddenly and leaves his entire fortune to his three estranged children, with just one catch: They have to play a game in order to find out who wins the entire fortune. What’s even worse is that all of the questions are about the memories that the kids had growing up and all about them. While the trailer does a much better job of explaining the characters as well as the situations that they’re all in, I’m more excited for how everything is going to turn out, and which child (if any) will emerge victorious.

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