Bringing Back the Boy Bands

-Jamie Hershman

Boy bands come and go, but their memories will never be forgotten. The boy band fad was a thing of the ‘90s–or so we thought. Boy bands are trending again, so, as a tribute, here is a dedication to some of the most memorable boy bands.

‘N Sync

In the great boy band debate of the ‘90s, ‘N Sync always won for me. They had catchy and memorable tunes (one of my favorites being “Bye Bye Bye”), but the band is most remembered for their lead vocalist Justin Timberlake. Boy band members have a tendency to fall out of the paparazzi scene after they become too old for teenage girls to swoon over, but Justin Timberlake has survived the death of his boy band and has thrived as a solo artist and as an actor.

Backstreet Boys

Although they were second in my opinion, they still captured the hearts of many girls in the ‘90s. One song that I still can’t help singing along to any time I hear it is “I Want it That Way,” the Backstreet Boys’ claim to fame and arguably one of the most memorable boy band songs. And the Backstreet Boys aren’t done yet. In an attempt to make a comeback in the early 2000s, they released Never Gone (2005) five years after their album Black & Blue. They also released Unbreakable in 2007 and This Is Us in 2009. They went on tour with New Kids on the Block in 2011 to have a major boy band resurgence tour. While the comeback is always fun to see, how many comebacks can one boy band have?

The Jackson 5

If you’ve never heard the Jackson 5’s “ABC,” you should be a little embarrassed. An upbeat and fun-loving group of brothers, the Jackson 5 formed in 1964 and remained active as a boy band until 1990. The Jackson 5 was one of the earliest boy bands and remained popular for a long time. Michael Jackson began his solo career in 1979 but didn’t fully split from the Jackson 5. However, Michael’s solo career did change the dynamic of the group, as he eventually went on to become the “King of Pop.”

The Jonas Brothers

As much as people may cringe at the sound of their name, the Jonas Brothers did have their reign as number one boy band just a few years ago. The famous Nick, Kevin, and Joe trio each had their own personality that divided fans into three separate groups. While they each played instruments (unlike the typical singing boy bands), they gained popularity through Disney channel, automatically exposing them to younger fans and stereotyping them as a boy band. The Jonas Brothers had their stardom, but when Nick went on to pursue a solo act in 2010, they naturally split up.

One Direction

The newest addition to the boy band craze, One Direction is a band of five boys that originated in the UK after coming in second place on The X Factor. They were so successful on the show that they scored a record deal, despite being the runner-up. They have even made history by reaching number one on the Billboard 200 albums chart for their first album Up All Night. Never has a UK group been number one on the list. The British group’s catchy tunes and cute look has them a shoe in for a few good years of success and love from teenage girls. Time will only tell if they will meet the fate of boy bands past.

One thought on “Bringing Back the Boy Bands

  1. Angie

    Backstreet Boys aren’t making comebacks, they simply have never left. And while nsync did have some catchy tunes, I’d take Backstreet’s overall song catalog any day. Even back in both band’s heyday….2000 MTV/RollingStone Magazine ranked the top 100 Pop songs since 1963 and I Want It That Way was #10–yep, right up there with the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Nirvana, Madonna, Michael Jackson, the Eagles. Where was Bye Bye Bye, without argue nsync’s most popular song? Way down in the 50’s.

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