From the Pacific Southwest to the Great Northwest: The Story of UC Eugene

-Jamie Hershman

The University of Oregon, also known as UC Eugene, has a large California population. But what is the lure of this rainy campus when California  has beautiful, sunny skies to offer?

I am one of those students who wanted a “change of scenery.” Born and raised in Southern California, I had a choice: University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB) or University of Oregon. Everyone thought I was crazy when I made my final decision to attend the UO, but I knew it was right. The lure? I honestly am not quite sure.

When people ask why I chose Oregon, I don’t really have an answer. My immediate response: “When I visited the campus, I just fell in love.” And those who I’m talking to just nod their heads and smile, reminiscing on their first visit to the beautiful Ivy League style the campus resembles.

But there is much more than just the campus that lured me here. Maybe it was the amazing journalism school that UO has to offer. Or who can forget the (almost) unbeatable football team and school spirit parading around campus?

With many Californians flocking to Oregon, UO has stepped up its standard for admittance. One of the reasons I applied to UO was the fact that as a high school student with above a 3.0 GPA and having passed over 15 college prep high school classes, I was automatically accepted without having to write an essay. But as of 2012, that rule has been cut and all students must now submit an essay to even be considered for admittance. The new standards put University of Oregon on a higher standard for academics, and thus have even more eyes and ears interested in our outstanding campus.

With so many factors playing into the transfer between west coast states, there’s still that one question that stumps all who don’t attend UO. Why would people trade in the California sun for the Oregon rain? I’m still stumped on that one, even though I’m one of those students. Really, it’s all of the other aspects that make UO so amazing that all us Californians would trade in some warm weather for just a little bit of rain.

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