How To Deal with Noisy Neighbors

-Callie Gisler

Apartment life can suck. This is especially true when you live below people who seem to be hosting a party every Friday night. If you’ve never dealt with a scenario like that, you can take my word for it. Eventually, apartment living will introduce you to problems with neighbors. How do you deal with the problems when they arise?

The adult solution.

By this point in our lives, we college kids have learned to solve our own problems. Adult conversations and discussions are possible without screaming and fighting…Right? Approach your neighbors during a calmer and quiet time, maybe the day after a loud night filled with partying. Remember your manners. Avoid accusations and incriminating tones, especially if you don’t know these people well. Remind them that apartment living can be loud and you’re having some difficulty dealing with the noise levels. More than likely, he or she will be happy to take your honest and civil requests to heart.

The landlord solution.

If your attempts to deal with the problem aren’t helping, don’t be afraid to turn to your landlord or complex manager for assistance. This is one of the perks of being a renter – these people exist to help solve your living problems. Let your manager know that you’re having problems with your neighbors’ noise levels. If the situation is more serious, consider calling the non-emergency line to file a noise complaint.

The college kid solution.

When all else fails, sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. Turn your music up a little, talk a little louder, and remind them that apartment walls are thinner than they appear. If you can hear them, they can certainly hear you. Though this solution does come with a disclaimer – you could easily piss people off. Be careful.

Apartment living is one more necessity to the college experience. And some would claim that so are the noisy neighbors that often come with it. The thumping base, the window-shaking music, and thundering footsteps will add up to cultivate that first-apartment experience. Approach the situation with a little understanding – we’ve all been “that” neighbor at some point.

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