Food That Will Get You Drunk

-Neethu Ramchandar

College students love booze. Well, nearly everyone loves a little booze, but college students in particular love their booze. We spend our week pinching pennies so we can splurge at Rennies and Taylors over the weekend. And when the weekend booze doesn’t cut it, we begin to make excuses to drink during the week: Dollar Beers, Thirsty Thursday, etc. It’s a pattern we hold dearly for at least four years.

But when the vodka and coke combinations and permutations seem to bore you, look to the newest trend: Alcohol infused foods. It’s gotten more creative than Jell-o shots or vodka soaked gummy bears. Here are some the most interesting ones I’ve found:

1) Whipped Lightning: Alcohol- infused whipped cream

Whipped Lighting comes in nine flavors for your enjoyment, including Hazelnut and Amaretto. So far it’s only available in 14 states, but it’s quickly spreading as are its              competitors.

2) Devotion Vodka: Protein- infused vodka

It’s a protein shake that also gets you drunk. Thinking of these tastes mingling makes me slightly queasy, but perhaps it’s up your ally. For the college student who can find time for the bars, but not the gym- perhaps this will help.

3) Snobar Cocktails: Liquor laced ice-cream and popsicles.

Flavors of this delicious treat include Margarita ice pops and Brandy Alexander Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. The promotional video for Snobar makes the treat seem revolutionary and slightly provocative. The only downfall is that the cocktail that was destroyed in the making looked quite tasty.

4) Café Brulot: Coffee and Brandy

You can try mixing your own brandy and coffee concoction, but it just might not be the same. For the real deal, visit the JCT Kitchen and Bar in Atlanta where beverage director Lara Creasy keeps a slow cooker full of Café Brulot on constant brew. For $6 a mug, the drink combines dark roast coffee, brandy, lemon, orange peels, cloves, and cinnamon.

5) Chili Lime Tequila Tortilla Brittle: Spicy, salty, tequila infused brittle

I must be ignorant, but I always thought that brittle was sweet. Anettes’s Chocolates definitely proved me wrong. They’ve taken tortilla chips and mixed them with lime, pumpkin seeds and of course a splash of tequila. Put a bowl of these out instead of making your famous bean dip, for a definite crowd pleaser.

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