On My Way to My Future

-Tiana Bouma

Yesterday was the start of my greatest adventure so far. Although my drive only took me to Portland, I was just as excited as if I was traveling to new a country.

An early flight from the Portland International Airport (PDX) was taking me to Washington D.C for a four day workshop with the senior editor at National Geographic.

Working for National Geographic has been my dream since I was in the single digits. I’ve always been a writer. Whether it was poems, short stories, intros to novels, or the required essays for school, writing was my fail safe and favorite activity. It still is.

As an English major I wasn’t happy. I didn’t want to analyze writing, I wanted to write it. I want to teach people about things that interest me and I want to open up their eyes to places I haven’t seen.

National Geographic had taught me about places I hadn’t seen and subjects I hadn’t learned about before. I still learn from almost every page and I want nothing more to write and work for National Geographic.

So this weekend I get to live a part of my dream as I am taught photography by one of the best photographers I know of. Since I want to work for National Geographic, I may as well get to know the city I will most likely (and hopefully) be living in.

So until Thursday I am going to explore and enjoy my possible future city. And Thursday at four I will finally get to walk through the headquarters of my future dream and live a part of it.

Stay tuned for more about my workshop with National Geographic and the amazing four days I am about to experience!

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