Unique Bars: McMenamins Edgefield

-Jasmine Eoff

Being a student at U of O, it’s easy to get stuck in the bubble that is campus. For many of us, we are constantly eating at the same restaurants on 13th and drinking at the same bars that are within walking distance from our houses. After four years of living in Eugene, I’ve gotten sick of all the consistency and routine. I decided to set out on a journey in search of various bars and restaurants that offer a wide variety of things to do and bring something unique to the table. Today, I am stepping outside of the small campus bubble.

One of the first bars/restaurants I have come across is McMenamins Edgefield, located in Troutdale, Oregon. There are many McMenamins around the state of Oregon, but Edgefield is the biggest and main hotel. Built in 1911, Edgefield covers 74 acres of land and consists of more than 100 European-style guestrooms, many different styled and themed restaurants, classic pubs, and several smaller bars. If this doesn’t suit your interests, there are two par-3 golf courses, a spa that offers manicures, pedicures and massages, a winery, a theatre, and an open field for live music that has hosted a range of artists including Adele and Willie Nelson, to name a few.

The winery and the seven bars are all spread out across the acres of Edgefield. One of the first bars I approached was Lucky Staehly’s Pool Hall (Luckys for short). Located at the front of campus, Luckys is one of Edgefield’s most popular bars. With its pool tables, dart boards, pinball machines, snooker table, shuffle boards and juke box, there’s never a dull moment. It, like many of the other bars, is host to Edgefield’s two famous drafts: The Ruby and the Terminator. The Ruby is a light, raspberry ale with a pinkish tint. The Terminator is a stout, with a chocolate malt-like taste.

“They are both awesome flavors,” Said David Mohika, Edgefield’s catering server and bartender. “And many people combine the two to make our third popular draft, the Rubinator.”

While continuing on my journey, I ran directly into Edgefield’s next bar, the Power Station. The Power Station is located right behind Luckys, directly in the middle of campus. It reigns as their most popular sit down restaurant,  many people come with their families for lunch and dinner. Right next to the Power Station is the Black Rabbit Restaurant & Bar. The Black Rabbit is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and is most known for containing multiple pieces of art that document the history of Edgefield.

Just around the corner from the Black Rabbit is Jerry’s Ice House. The Ice House is catered to those guests who enjoy closer quarters and a quieter feel. Directly to the left of that, you can spot Edgefield’s Winery. Guests are able to enjoy their wine tasting, while getting to watch how it’s made. In the wine tasting room, Edgefield also offers free live music by candlelight several nights a week.

After checking out all of the central bars and winery, I made my way up the hill to the Distillery Bar. The Distillery Bar is located at the Southern point of the property, and also houses the golf course. As its name implies, the Distillery Bar creates its own liquors including scotch, gin and brandies.

Once I finished some handcrafted liquors, I made my way down the hill to the Little Red Shed, a quaint little bar surrounded by trees. As it only seats 10 people comfortably, you truly feel at home when you’re inside. During the summer, live music is played right outside, underneath the surrounding trees.

Last, but not least, I headed over to the Tea House Bar, alongside Ruby’s Spa and soaking pool. The Tea House offers a great view of the pool, as well as various cocktails and ales. If you’re a guest at the hotel, you’re welcome to enjoy your drink while relaxing in the pool.

With all it has to offer, Edgefield also hosts many weddings, anniversaries, reunions, birthday parties, and more. Mohika has worked at Edgefield for the last two years and has been a part of many celebrations.

“The atmosphere here is amazing. It’s a cool and unique place, with many things to do,” Mohika said. “In my particular job, I get to enjoy some of the best parts of people’s lives.”

As my journey came to an end, after walking through the entire 74-acre property, McMenamins Edgefield is now on my top list for unique bars and restaurants. With its wide array of bars, and its consistent hosting of various musical events, Edgefield truly has something to offer for all ages.

“I like the variety,” Said Troutdale local, John Taylor. “You can go there for drinks with your friends on a Friday night, or head there on Sundays with your family for brunch.”

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  1. Ryan E.

    I have enjoyed the Power Station at Edgefield since I moved back to the area but had no idea it had so much more to offer. My wife and I are definitely going to have to check out the rest of it. Thanks for the article and info.

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