The Jersey Shore Goes Global

– Mike Munoz

Although I always ignored my parents’ warnings that television would rot my brain, one TV show has forced me to rethink the way I feel about junk media: The Jersey Shore. Over a year ago we were introduced to this Real World spin-off, and since then the cast have been treated like celebrities, done multiple interviews with Rolling Stone magazine and earlier this month MTV revealed plans to launch a spin-off show featuring Snooki, JWoww and Pauly D. And with the show at its peak, it seems there is no better time than to have the Jersey Shore phenomenon catch on in other countries.

As the show’s popularity continued to increase, the gang got to travel to places like Atlantic City and even shot their entire second season in Miami, Florida. But MTV has decided to take this even further and is planning on sending the crew to Florence, Italy for their 4th season. Despite the show’s popularity here in the States, Italians seem less than amused about the way they are being portrayed on the show and have met MTV with much opposition. In fact, the mayor of Florence recently sent a list of strict rules to the crew, prohibiting the cast from being filmed at clubs that serve alcohol or drinking in public. What else are they supposed to film then?

While the Jersey Shore fad hasn’t quite caught on in Italy, other parts of Europe have embraced the show with open arms. Earlier this week, MTV UK announced the launch of its very own version of the Jersey Shore: The Geordie Shore. The show will follow the same guidelines as the American version, and will follow the lives of 8 people from Newcastle, England, who are commonly referred to as “Geordies”. While the cast might not be as buff or as orange as that of the Jersey Shore, these Brits look to be just as crazy and live up to the high standards the American cast has set for them.

In a meet the cast video posted on MTV UK’s website, we are introduced to the cast: Jay, Vicky, Gary, Charlotte-Letitia, James, Sophie, Greg, and Holly. Although the cast seems to bring their own British flair, some of them appear to be cheap knock offs of the original Jersey Shore crew. For example, Jay’s bio looks as if it was copy and pasted right off of Mike “The Situation’s” page, describing him as being obsessed with his body and rarely being seen with a shirt on. The rest of the cast prove their craziness in the meet the cast video, such as Vicky claiming she only hooks up with guys with six packs and Holly playing with her breasts during her few seconds of face time. And while I can’t quite make out what she is saying (something about ripping the legs off a donkey), Sophie appears to be the closest thing the UK has to Snooki.

While the impending worldwide domination of the Jersey Shore might be distressing to some, I try to look at the situation in a more positive light. Sure the show might be based on getting eight people so drunk that they fight and/or hump anything with a pulse. But at least we know we’re not the only ones watching this crap.

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