FLUX's Weekly Wrap-Up

– FLUX Blog Staff

This is the first post of FLUX’s Weekly Wrap-Up series. This series will include links to articles that caught the attention and interest of the FLUX blog team members throughout the week as they perused the web. Enjoy!

NYTimes.com – It’s possible that we may soon lose our much beloved American Apparel. Here is a look into the life of Founder and CEO, Dov Charney.

Yahoo.com – Check out Yahoo’s Odd News forecast for this week’s, well, just plain odd news.

Elle.com – The eyes say it all: a collection of famous Hollywood gazes from the past 100 years.

NationalGeographic.com – First polar bears, now penguins? Why the penguin population is rapidly declining.

Huffingtonpost.com – Tax Day 2011 – Some weird and/or funny videos to take your mind off the Tax Day blues.

CNNMoney.com – Turn the front of your house into a billboard in exchange for mortgage payments? Sounds like a good deal to us.

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