Schwarzenegger Not Quite Ready to Give Up His Title as Governator

– Mike Munoz

As a California native, the 2003 California Gubernational recall elections certainly stick out in my mind as a milestone for our state. With celebrities and adult entertainers alike on the ballot, it was almost as if MTV was hosting a new Real World vs. Road Rules challenge where the winner gets to be governor of California. And to make the punch line even funnier, when all of the dust cleared, former terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected as our state governor. Indeed, the man who has made a living off of bodybuilding and protecting John Connor from evil robots was ruled fit to run an entire state. Earlier this year, Jerry Brown took over as governor, but Arnold wasn’t quite ready to give up his role as Governator, and as he has told us many times before, he’ll be back.

And sooner than expected too. Nobody was surprised to see the bodybuilder jump back to entertainment after his stint in politics; however many were surprised by the former actor’s next move. At the end of March, Schwarzenegger announced via Entertainment Weekly that he would be making his debut as a comic book superhero named, naturally, the Governator. And just when the news couldn’t get any more strange, it was also announced that the comic and cartoon will be co-produced by Marvel legend (and god amongst geeks) Stan Lee, the inventor of Spiderman, X-men and the Hulk in addition to many other well known superheroes.

Although the comic isn’t expected to hit the shelves until 2012, a YouTube trailer for the Governator was released Monday morning. The video opens with Schwarzenegger giving a speech as he prepares to step down as governor of California. After listing his many talents to a much younger looking Larry King, Arny claims he’s off to live his life as a private citizen. But after hearing news about a robot rampage in San Francisco, it isn’t long before he’s forced to suit up and once again, attempt to save California.

With the help of a couple of random children who just happened to be hanging out in his secret lair, the Governator jumps on his motorcycle and heads to Nor Cal to the beat of the Black Eyed Peas’ “Pump It.” Considering the fact that he has been battling evil robots since before I was born, the Governator subdues the machines and order is once more restored in California. And of course it wouldn’t be a Schwarzenegger trailer if it didn’t end with the cliché, “I’m back.”

While some were surprised to see the big screen actor make a shift to cartoons, some weren’t as shocked to see Schwarzenegger struggle to step out of the spotlight. The Governator had several cameo appearances in small films like The Rundown and Around the World in 80 Days during his time in office. He even found the time between budget cuts and English lessons to get in shape for his appearance in the 2010 action flick, The Expendables.

In the year leading up to the release of the Governator comic books, all us Californians can do is shake our heads at the painful reminder that this man once ran our state.

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