SoCal Rockers Best Coast Look to Make a Splash at Sasquatch! 2011

-Mike Munoz

With lyrics like, “I want to hit you but then I’d kiss you. I want to kill you but then I’d miss you,” it’s hard to tell whether is Best Coast’s singer-guitarist Bethany Cosentino is in love or just plain insane.

Perhaps no band captures the essence of a hazy summer day in southern California than indie surf band, Best Coast. Despite some minor releases under independent labels in the past, the garage pop trio really broke onto the scene last summer with the release of their debut album, Crazy for You. With thirteen songs about love, heartbreak and getting high, the Los Angeles based band couldn’t have started their career with a more fun and entertaining album.

One thing that stands out about Best Coast is their distinct, lo-fi sound. The band is able to achieve this unique, fuzzy effect through extensive use of reverb and guitar distortion. With simple lyrics and a raw sound, it sounds as if Cosentino and company decided to meet up in her garage and make a record. Best Coast’s success has helped the band earn spots in huge music festivals this spring, such as Coachella in Indio, California and Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tennessee.

The band has also gained a lot of attention (both positive and negative) for their quirky and sometimes nonsensical lyrics. “I lost my job, I miss my mom, I wish my cat could talk,” sings Cosentino in their break-up song “Goodbyes.” Although they might not be the John Lennon or Bob Dylan of songwriting, Best Coast’s lyrics really capture the fun and unorthodox attitude a young band on the rise. While most of the songs are fun upbeat, other tracks such as the chilling “Honey” use slower, more pronounced drums in addition to eerie flowing vocals by Cosentino.

Scheduled for Monday, May 30th on the Yeti stage, Best Coast is certainly a band to keep your ears open for at this year’s Sasquatch! Music Festival.

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