Coffee's Last Stand

For much of the population coffee is utilitarian. It is a device through which they get their morning jolt. They guzzle it down and move on with the day. That’s fine. But there are others, and they are growing in number, who think coffee isn’t just a beverage – It is a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Joshua Henrikson, artisan coffee roaster, founded The Last Stand Coffee Company in Eugene, Oregon with these folks in mind. He uses organic, fair-trade beans and individually brews every cup. But what makes The Last Stand unique is its human-powered roaster.

Every three- to four-pound batch requires thirty to forty-five minutes of work. Henrikson peddles the machine himself while paying close attention the smell of the smoke, the sound of the beans in the drum, and the temperature inside its charbroil top. This allows him to craft roasts to a specific taste. The Last Stand started human-powered roasting this fall and Henrikson already sees it as a powerful force in the future of coffee.

“The more small facilities we have that are roasting coffee and keeping it fresh and serving it fresh and brewing it with respect,” he says, “The more people will realize that their cup of coffee in the morning is something special.”

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