The Letterpress Revival

Do It (Again) Yourself: Episode 3

[cap]A[/cap]fter the invention of Gutenberg’s printing press in the fifteenth century, letterpress printing was the primary technology used in mass communication for several centuries. Today, computers have replaced the letterpress in most areas of publication. But letterpress printing has recently seen a revival in popularity and remains part of a niche market with many independent operators doing business across the country.

The centuries-old practice is now able to blend with modern graphic design technology, creating a new appeal for a new generation of operators. Others enjoy working with their hands and interacting with physical machinery in a time where much of the work we do involves sitting in front of a screen.

Operating one of these machines is a highly developed skill that takes time and commitment. Those who have devoted themselves to this art form are able to create unique prints with a texture, a handmade feel, and a personality that cannot be found in ordinary digital printing.

Do It (Again) Yourself is a video series about people making things they used to buy and people making things that most people don’t anymore.

One thought on “The Letterpress Revival

  1. Jacob Shilling

    Very well done video! An interesting tip for students looking for jobs: B&R will do letterpress business cards. Pricing varies, but for the customization allowed its incredibly cheap!

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