Finding That Asian Influence

– Grace Caton

Some of the toughest restaurants to find are the ones that offer Asian cuisine. From my experience, the best restaurants are “hole-in-the-wall” places that appear uninviting. If you want to save money when dining out in Eugene, your best bet is to learn about these somewhat sketchy, yet delicious restaurants.

Sweet Basil Express—located on Thirteenth Avenue near the University of Oregon campus—is a popular place for students to get their quick fix of Thai food. It is decorated with unique artwork, and gives an inviting feeling with its yellow walls. When a restaurant like this offers good food, you pay for both the meal and the ambiance.

However, most people forget that Tasty Thai, the less expensive and healthier option, is located only a couple blocks away from Sweet Basil Express. A moldy aquarium welcomes you in as soon as you walk into the cramped restaurant. Although the menu is filled with traditional Thai cuisine, you must remember that there are also healthier options such as brown rice instead of jasmine.

Although Sweet Basil Express is fairly inexpensive, Tasty Thai is cheaper and offers healthier options. Although you will save money by going to Tasty Thai, you aren’t going to get that nice “ambiance” that Sweet Basil Express offers.

Another “hole-in-the-wall” place is Ocean Sky Restaurant. Although it is located further from campus, on East Eighteenth and Chambers Street, it is worth the distance for its excellent, greasy Chinese food. One dish can feed four people for approximately twelve dollars. Take a group of friends, and spend four dollars each on a filling meal. Ocean Sky Restaurant also offers take-out for those who don’t want to dine in.

Dining in Eugene can be tricky, especially if you want to find an inexpensive restaurant. It takes research and testing to find the places that are worth going to.

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