PHOTO SERIES: No place like home

“Everywhere I go these days, I’m reminded of my yearning for the traffic, the crowds, the energy that makes Los Angeles what it is.

This photo series documents that longing.”

Student takes creative approach to meet a need

A pool house off of Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles once inhabited by family belongings has been transformed into a space where innovation flourishes.

Finding happiness in an age-old art

Collectors from all over the country order Mike Miller’s hats, and while he’s had success selling to collectors nationwide, what really keeps him going is the ability to create something that makes someone happy.

Blond Jesus becomes fan favorite

At Ducks football and basketball games, “Blond Jesus” has become a familiar face in the crowd. Jacob Beeson is a filmmaker and  the man behind the iconic gameday costume.

Staining in black ink

Ryan Beauchamp is one of few artists in the Pacific Northwest who practices black-out tattooing, a tribute to a time when tattoos had little artistic meaning and were simply intended to mark success in battle.