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The Democracy Issue

This year FLUX explored democracy and the power of the people’s voice. Our stories on democracy reveal the triumphs, losses, and slow, steady commitment of citizens working to improve their communities. As you read through our stories, we hope you are inspired by the voices of others and understand the power you have to impact your community.

Editor’s Letter



Artists in Action

Local artists respond to democratic distress by doing what they do best: getting creative.



Youth v U.S.

The story of five Oregon teenagers suing the government over global warming.



Uncertain Times

Travel bans, international students and a university education at risk.



The People’s Clinic

How local volunteers work to patch health care gaps for vulnerable people.



Reasons for Redemption

Meet an Oregon woman seeking strength and stability after incarceration.




Facts & Fiction

Why misinformation spreads in the vaccine debate.



Political Pioneers

Why Oregon women are so successful in shattering the state’s political ceilings.





Challenging the Dialogue 

One writer suggests a better way to understand race through conversation.







Dear Oregon

Flux journalists traveled 1500 miles to gather voices that often go unheard.