Don’t Worry Be Healthy: Five Ways to Make Working Out More Fun

-Marissa Tomko Running on a treadmill reminds me of hamsters, running and running on their little hamster wheels, going no where, getting no closer to a destination. Talk about boring. I don’t know about you, but my attention span on … Continue reading


On Trend: Makeup to Beat the Heat

  -Rache’ll Brown It’s 97 degrees and you are pouring sweat. Your eye shadow is creasing, your blush is streaking, and your skin is shinier than a freshly waxed floor. You decide to take a dip in the pool, and … Continue reading


Climbing Mt. Shasta: A Journey After Spinal Fusion Surgery

-Emily Fraysse My eyes opened at the sound. The nurses dressed in all white with hairnets and facemasks were clinking the industrial set of tools around on a steel patter to my right. I drifted off again as I felt … Continue reading


The Art of Raising Chickens

-Emily Fraysse I’ve had chickens since I was about ten years old. I’d spend my mornings letting them out and collecting the fresh eggs nestled in the straw of the nesting boxes. It all started when my older sister, Anne, … Continue reading


The Best of Oregon Camping

-Rache’ll Brown In the past two decades I’ve had my fair share of bug bites, sun burns, Big Foot sightings, and campfire stories. I’ve caught fish, made s’mores, polar-beared, and had my tent tipped. Some of my best childhood memories … Continue reading