The Art of Raising Chickens

-Emily Fraysse I’ve had chickens since I was about ten years old. I’d spend my mornings letting them out and collecting the fresh eggs nestled in the straw of the nesting boxes. It all started when my older sister, Anne, was found constantly sketching ideas of chicken coops and practically begging our father to build […]

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The Best of Oregon Camping

-Rache’ll Brown In the past two decades I’ve had my fair share of bug bites, sun burns, Big Foot sightings, and campfire stories. I’ve caught fish, made s’mores, polar-beared, and had my tent tipped. Some of my best childhood memories were spent in the great outdoors, and as an Oregonian born and raised, I have […]

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1.21 Gigawatts: Glowing Plants – Lighting the Path into the Future?

-Sarah Keartes Just two weeks ago, in what they call “the first step in creating sustainable natural lighting” a team of Stanford scientists headed by Antony Evans, a Singularity University alumnus, launched the “Glowing Plant” project—the first ever synthetic biology proposal to hit kickstarter. Inspired by fireflies and aquatic bioluminescence (think Life of Pi), the project aims to […]

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