Flux Playlist: So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye…


Well, that’s it for us. We’re done. This specific group of web writers is breaking up. Some of us are graduating. Some of us are heading home. Some of us are taking jobs. Some of us are traveling abroad. We … Continue reading

Procrastination Nation


  -Marissa Tomko I bet you’re doing it right now. Yeah, you. I bet you’ve been up all night with an assignment you’ve been dangerously close to finishing for hours. You could have gone to bed at midnight, but instead … Continue reading

For Those on the Go: Create Your Own Day Spa on Long Trips


-Emily Fraysse When constantly on the go, it is hard to fit beauty time and sleep into your schedule. I’ve done a great deal of traveling and have found that taking the time to stop and pamper myself has been … Continue reading

Flux Local Artist Series: Hip-Hop on Lachdown

Lacman raps inside of his closet-turned-studio.

University of Oregon sophomore Amos Lachman hadn’t developed his appreciation for hip-hop music until he began listening to the Wu-Tang Clan as a youthfully curious middle school student. Soaking in the legendary New York-based hip-hop group’s inventive lyricism and collaborative … Continue reading


Letter from the Editor

EIC letter

The first time I got a taste for how consequential journalism could be was when I met Les Zaitz, a veteran investigative reporter for The Oregonian. He told me and several other young journalists about a time when he had … Continue reading

Pinball bounces Back: Pinball makes a comeback in the pacific Northwest

Pinball bounces back

William Rubley’s opponent, Clark Davis, flips a quarter to see who goes first. Rubley wins. A shining steel ball jumps out of a tattered wooden pocket. Rubley pulls the plunger back and quickly releases it, propelling the ball up a … Continue reading

Changing Tides: Ocean acidification threatens northwest oyster industry

Mark Wiegardt steps slowly through knee-high water, pausing over some jagged lumps of brown-gray shells with a bent flat-head screwdriver. Like the three generations of oyster farmers have done before him, he picks up one of the clumps of oysters … Continue reading

Pressure Pill: students take Adderall to keep up in college

The first time Paul Aye* took Adderall was the day he took the SAT Reasoning Test. He was a little nervous about the test, so a friend with a prescription gave him just what he needed—a clear capsule filled with … Continue reading


Dealing with Death

dealing with death

Mark Musgrove gave his mother CPR on the deck of a snorkeling boat during a family vacation in Hawaii. His children stood and watched, panicked, as their grandmother died of a heart attack. Back home, in Oregon, Mark’s brother, Jeff … Continue reading

Grinding the Gears: Inside and Outside of Robotics

"Having students interested in different things works out well for us," Kelly says. Each student brings a different background and contributes a diverse skill set to the team. (Photo by Alan Sylvestre)

Students line up around the stacks of wood. “Let’s get going guys,” the team co-captain says. Each person picks up a different tool and begins assembling an exact replication of the blueprints the students created before the six-week building period. … Continue reading

Relentless Forward Motion

Zosel and Hennessey pause on their 5am run at Mt. Pisgah, south of Eugene, Ore.

The second her feet hit the track, she felt like a movie star. She became conscious of human noises –cheering, clapping, other feet falling into step beside her. After thirty-six hours, she had done it: Carolyn Hennessey had completed her … Continue reading

Healing Hooves

Pelton leaves the barn at Eve Burleson’s residence. He treated her horse as well as two others that were boarding at Burleson’s facilities. (Alisha Jucevic/Flux)

Jeff Pelton has always enjoyed the company of four legged animals. Growing up in Los Angeles, Pelton had little interaction with large animals, but after working with them in veterinary school at the University of California, Davis, he decided to … Continue reading