Flux Playlist: So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye…


Well, that’s it for us. We’re done. This specific group of web writers is breaking up. Some of us are graduating. Some of us are heading home. Some of us are taking jobs. Some of us are traveling abroad. We … Continue reading

Procrastination Nation


  -Marissa Tomko I bet you’re doing it right now. Yeah, you. I bet you’ve been up all night with an assignment you’ve been dangerously close to finishing for hours. You could have gone to bed at midnight, but instead … Continue reading

For Those on the Go: Create Your Own Day Spa on Long Trips


-Emily Fraysse When constantly on the go, it is hard to fit beauty time and sleep into your schedule. I’ve done a great deal of traveling and have found that taking the time to stop and pamper myself has been … Continue reading

Flux Local Artist Series: Hip-Hop on Lachdown

Lacman raps inside of his closet-turned-studio.

University of Oregon sophomore Amos Lachman hadn’t developed his appreciation for hip-hop music until he began listening to the Wu-Tang Clan as a youthfully curious middle school student. Soaking in the legendary New York-based hip-hop group’s inventive lyricism and collaborative … Continue reading


Practicing Peace

Lady Jangchup Palmo, which means "honorific mother" in Tibetan, shares a moment with His Holiness The Dalai Lama.(Photo courtesy of Jigme Palmo)

According to the Buddhist calendar, May 10 is the day the first Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, was born and, after one of the most significant lifetimes in history, the day he died. On May 10 of this year, thousands of people … Continue reading

Death of the West

John Hyde, Gerda Hyde's eldest son, guides several hundred head of cattle to a new grazing field on an early Sunday morning. He uses a sheep dog to keep the cows moving as a unit. (Mason Trinca/Flux)

Fifty miles from Crater Lake, and thirty miles from the nearest gas station, exists a plot of Oregon history, unassumingly settled in the Klamath Basin. Address numbers aren’t needed out here. Miles, not feet, separate one property from the next. … Continue reading

A Living Legacy

The Triangle 5 Ranch logo, based on five generations of Millican homesteaders who have worked the land, frames the entryway onto Millican's property. (Kathryn Boyd-Batstone/Flux)

Every time Sherry Millican drives her ‘94 Jeep Cherokee down Oregon Route 126, she passes a town marker crafted of oversized, chestnut-colored logs on the right-hand side of the road. The large white letters on the sign read “Walterville.” The … Continue reading

Taming the Shadows

Ree McSween sitting in her home office in the shadows.

Ree McSween stood at the front window of her cold, dark house with a loaded weapon in her hand. Snow coated the ground—rare for a Eugene, Oregon winter. She was isolated, save for a large snowball in her driveway. It … Continue reading


Dealing with Death

dealing with death

Mark Musgrove gave his mother CPR on the deck of a snorkeling boat during a family vacation in Hawaii. His children stood and watched, panicked, as their grandmother died of a heart attack. Back home, in Oregon, Mark’s brother, Jeff … Continue reading

Grinding the Gears: Inside and Outside of Robotics

"Having students interested in different things works out well for us," Kelly says. Each student brings a different background and contributes a diverse skill set to the team. (Photo by Alan Sylvestre)

Students line up around the stacks of wood. “Let’s get going guys,” the team co-captain says. Each person picks up a different tool and begins assembling an exact replication of the blueprints the students created before the six-week building period. … Continue reading

Relentless Forward Motion

Zosel and Hennessey pause on their 5am run at Mt. Pisgah, south of Eugene, Ore.

The second her feet hit the track, she felt like a movie star. She became conscious of human noises –cheering, clapping, other feet falling into step beside her. After thirty-six hours, she had done it: Carolyn Hennessey had completed her … Continue reading

Healing Hooves

Pelton leaves the barn at Eve Burleson’s residence. He treated her horse as well as two others that were boarding at Burleson’s facilities. (Alisha Jucevic/Flux)

Jeff Pelton has always enjoyed the company of four legged animals. Growing up in Los Angeles, Pelton had little interaction with large animals, but after working with them in veterinary school at the University of California, Davis, he decided to … Continue reading