The Long Way Home

Calm comes late to the temporary homeless shelter housed in Eugene, Oregon’s Temple Beth Israel synagogue. It comes after the kids refuse dinner in favor of Reese’s Pieces and host fake light-saber wars with metallic poles, after they make each other cry, and separate before re-uniting to play hide and go seek. The calm always […]

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Shadow Writers

-Casey Minter The glare of the computer screen reflects in the bleary eyes of Tony Stirpe. He absentmindedly reaches for a lukewarm cup of coffee on his cluttered desk as he continues writing an analysis of Hamlet through an Aristotelian lens. He has three, double-spaced pages to get the B- he seeks. An hour later, […]

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Buckles and Spurs

Kelsi Eastman competed in her first rodeo at age three, and she’s been in the saddle ever since. “I always ride horses with my mom. She would just carry me or put me in a backpack, and off we went,” Eastman says. Now a senior at McNary High School in Keizer, Oregon, Eastman remains dedicated […]

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Stewards of the Slopes

When the temperature drops and snow blankets the mountains of Central Oregon, the Gray Jay flits about and hovers close to those who wander into its forests. Most birds migrate to warmer climates to avoid frigid winters, but here the Gray Jay thrives. Like the Gray Jay, winter isn’t the off-season for the volunteers of […]

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The Road North

Two black suitcases lay on my bed, packed and ready. I wouldn’t be leaving to attend the University of Oregon for another month, but I had already formed my escape plan from Lynwood, California, a city with a history of halting dreams, and a stone’s throw from Compton. At 24 years old, I was finally […]

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Letter from the Editor

The first time I got a taste for how consequential journalism could be was when I met Les Zaitz, a veteran investigative reporter for The Oregonian. He told me and several other young journalists about a time when he had questioned a state superintendent about a trip the man had taken at public expense. The […]

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